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Ujung Pena Indonesia

The Company

A booking agent company established by two partners highly experienced in the entertainment industry who have a far-reaching network. Holding responsibility and always giving a responsive feedback as our ethos, Ujung Pena Indonesia will always prioritize our client’s satisfaction.


The Philosophy

We are inspired by how the end of a pen has always been the beginning of how history was written. That is Ujung Pena Indonesia, all our jobs will be treated as a chance to write history for our clients and the company. Much like the line that is created by the end of a pen is always firm and straightforward, that same line is the breath that gives life to Ujung Pena Indonesia’s work principles.



Chief Executive Officer

Ronny Irawan

Armed with 11 years of experience as a Casting Director at the biggest production house companies, he handles both TV series and feature movies. He then set up his own production house, managed to release Air Mata Surga (2015), Trinity The Nekad Traveler (2017), and recently Nini Thowok and Sesuai Aplikasi (2018)

Cecille Christophia

Starting her career as a child actor, her name started to soar as the primary antagonist in the TV series "Liontin". Then she developed her business acumen by establishing C&J Management. Where one of the artists she manages is Calvin Jeremy, the young talented singer, who is none other than his own brother


Digital Agency

We are more than prepared to market your brand or products through digital media such as websites, apps, social media, search engines, and other channels. With a flexible budget that we can discuss, we are ready to provide you with greater impact and benefits to a focused target market with no geographical boundaries!

Film Publicist

We are prepared to connect your film productions to various parties, from sponsors, film communities, media relations, to future audiences to build their awareness.

Content Production

We provide a system for information creation towards a defined audience. Common goals for a content production system is to build awareness, leads, and sales. The type of content you produce needs to meet one of those goals. That’s true for written content, video, or illustration. This is also true for whenever someone consumes that content, whether online or offline.



Why Choose Us



We believe that professionalism is shaped by character and willpower. Our team is fitted with the mindset that being a professional is the main requirement to go about this business.


We have expanded our network by attending and being involved in many business partnerships in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, all the way to Cannes - France.


For more than 12 years, we have been deep in the entertainment industry and that gives us a far-reaching and unbounded vision to develop and market a product/brand.

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